Alcor Energy Solutions mission is to provide the highest quality product, at competitive rates, with service levels that exceed our client’s expectations. We continuously strive to provide the highest quality through transparency, accountability and ethical conduct. Alcor Energy Solutions believes in investing in a highly trained technical staff and robust quality control system that adds immeasurable value to our business relationships.

Alcor Energy Solutions turbine powered generation equipment capable of utilizing natural gas, field gas, liquid fuels to generate high quality reliable electricity. This fuel flexibility allows our customers to utilize lowest cost fuel available. The use of Alcor Energy’s generators coupled with the fuel flexibility provides our customers with the most reliable, economically priced field generation option in the industry!


Powering the Oil and Gas Industry

Alcor Energy Solutions (AES) turbine generators are customized to fit your energy needs. Available in sizes from 500 kW to 5.2 mW. We have identified many economical uses such as:

  • Drilling

  • Hydraulic fracturing

  • Gas plants

  • Oil field production operations

  • Gas transfer pipelines


Built to Handle Field Gas

AES’s turbine generators are specially equipped to utilize field gas as a primary fuel source. Using proprietary coatings, they are designed to handle harsh field gas with minimal gas processing.

Helps Meet EPA Tier 4 Certification

Include AES’s turbine generators in your plan to meet EPA tier 4 requirements. Utilization of the cleaner burning natural gas means lower carbon emissions. Use of AES field gas powered turbine generators reduces the need to flare.